You may think I’m small, but I have a universe inside my mind. 
~ yoko ono


Drool worthy kitchen design

Checking out my sweet PINTREST this morning and I came across these drool worthy kitchens... 
love Love LOVE the checker board floors, {Dave knows that is an inevitable part of our future} they just drive me wild, I love them so, and the plants and the lighting, love is in the air... follow the link up there for about 30 more pieces of inspiration! 


Pictures from last weeks Pantone Plus Launch Party... Compliments of Ken Rochon. 
Ken was the DJ for the Event and made Color themed song choices and spun colored records... The grand prize of the raffle was a 5 nights stay at the Pantone Hotel in Belgium... (whoa!) sounds like fun!... as you can see, I was not a winner but fun was had all around, thanks Pantone!

Some people are just Soo IMPRESSIVE

Impressively Sexy... 
I need a sweater like this one... something tells me it wouldn't be as fabulous on me though...

Impressively Cool... 
I've got a crush on this man's glasses 

Impressively Creative... 
and I might just have a crush on this man's career...

love the stars fondly


by kyouei design

by droog
"The light source is immersed in fat. As the heat from the light slowly melts the substance, an intriguing process gradually unravels before your eyes. The light glows brighter and brighter and the lamp becomes warmer and warmer in a comforting way."

looks like someone burped out a great design...for some reason I LOVE this and find it absolutely adorable

its a water bottle lightbulb... brilliant...I think so...!

Mad hatter light design

Is there anything cuter than these teacup lights by ElectricMavis?
I could fill a room with them... imagine them at a tea party themed wedding...brilliant
I am putting my order in for 600 this afternoon... {dream big}


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