Typography Friday

Love this Quote. My favorite part is the line through mistakes. I love irony. 

Project Post: Poster Size Illustrated Family Portrait

I had a blast illustrating this fun family portrait. There were lots of fun details which
 meant problem solving to make sure everyone fit into the composition properly. And 
the best part of it all, the final product was a 16x24 print! It turned out great!


Something New...

I am a huge fan of stackable rings and an even huger fan of wearing my stackables 
separately. Wouldn't that infinity ring be perfect to wear on your wedding day?

Find these dainty little rings at Tinahdee's shop



OK~ I am getting my sketch book out right now! These character sketches by 
Genevieve Santos are so inspiring. There is so much personality in these sketches. 
Even just looking at the Old Man sketch, he doesn't have to be doing anything and 
you can just assume what he would say if he popped off the page. I have always 
adored sketches more than a finished product. There is something about the soft 
and hard lines and being able to see the underlying frame work that really 
steals my heart. 


A Candy Bar, Sugar Cookies and some Crazy Straws

Oh Man, are we lucky{!} This weekend our beautiful friends threw us an Engagement 
party! I had to take some photos of the amazing effort they put into making it absolutely 
wonderful. Look at those cookies (I mean, how awesome is that!?) I was secretly 
racing Dave, watching to see whose name would be eaten first... Dave won. At the end 
of the night he only had 'D's' left, while I was still holding strong with a bunch of 
'A's' and 'R's'. 

And check out that candy bar... oh my my my! All three of my favorite vices (these 
folks are too good to us!).  The food was amazing, I even went back for seconds around 
11pm (yikes). Myfitnesspal was not happy about that decision. Oh and the house was 
right on the water (Dave was ready to move in). We spent the night next to a pool that 
was glowing blue all through the evening. It was such a wonderful night. We are so 
blessed to have such kind people around us. 

* Thank You; Anne & Thom and Jenny & Chris! Words can not express!


Happy Fathers Day

Gosh, I love my Dad. There is nothing in the world like a dad. Do you know what I mean? 
Its a unique relationship that is a thousand pounds strong. My Dad is honest, supportive, 
smart and exceptionally funny. He has been a world class role model for integrity, work 
ethic and quality of life. His support has lead me here and I could not be happier. Dad, if 
you are reading this, Happy Father's Day. I love you so much. 

Thank you for being such a wonderful person to love. 
And to all you Dad's out there {new and old}, Happy Fathers Day! 


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