Chocolate Mousse (Two Ingredients)

Wow, I just came across this chocolate mousse recipe over at Chef Fernando's 
food blog... there are only two ingredients and it promises to be the most amazing! 
And aren't those the cutest little servers?


Spend your Honeymoon in an Igloo

Wow. Can you think of anything cooler right now? An insulated glass igloo that you 
can watch the aurora borealis in, while cuddled in bed {!}. And do you see the little 
snow igloos too? What a cool place to stay. I think seeing the northern lights would 
be amazing. Unfortunately they don't correspond with July so we won't be traveling
 here for our honeymoon but if anyone is looking for a killer spot for your wintery 
honeymoon spot, check out Hotel Kakslauttanen

PS. They even offer a snowy little chapel that you can plan your destination 
wedding in. 

Thanks Bored Panda for the Inspiration


New Years Resolutions... Mine and Yours...?

Do you make New Years Resolutions? 
Usually I shy away from resolutions, for no other reason than I think they are kind of 
cheesy. But this year I am... I wanted to set some attainable personal goals. {Although 
some are kind of silly} I did want to give myself something to look back on a year from
 now to see how I did. 

I think setting personal goals unrelated to my career are important for me so I remember
 to slow down and enjoy all of the wonderful things that come with being a 20-something 
woman just starting out. I am often too focused on my future to appreciate the day before 
me. Do you find that time is just flying by? 

If you made a resolution list would it be career oriented or more personal oriented? 
Its kind of an interesting thing to think about. It might be nice to consider slowing 
down and making some resolutions for your personal self in 2012 to make sure the 
year doesn't go by before you have time to enjoy it.  


New Years Dresses. Do you need to glitter?

What are your New Years Plans this New Year? Are you heading out? Do you need to glitter? 
I love the new sparkling trend of these sequin dresses...{!} Here are some Very Adorable, very affordable New Years dress ideas. Zara: $129. Free People: $168. Asos: $109. Modcloth: $53. 


It was a Wonderful Christmas

Hello, I am back and feeling fresh after two days of wonderful holiday celebrations... 
{!} Confession... I brought a couple manila folders, to my parents house, of things 
todo while we relaxed on the couch this holiday... but I didn't do any of it! It is not
 often I spend two days in a row not worrying about my todo list, but I did, and it 
was liberating. I felt like a rebel fighting for the cause of Christmas! FOR THE 

I was surrounded by my wonderful funny family while they were relaxing and chatting 
and it seemed more appropriate I join in than anything else. We just had such a great 
weekend! And great news came from my little sister who is now engaged! (Wow! 
Congratulations Kels!)

My parents cooked us an amazing Christmas Dinner than we celebrated late into the 
night with my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. Dave and I had our Christmas exchange 
late Christmas night... he labeled all the gifts funny things like "Hermit Crab Eggs," 
"Brine Shrimp," and "Gold Bar from Fort Knox," it was so funny... I got a magic lens
 for my camera that makes all my photos look amazing and he got me a tile that says
 we are going to create a backsplash together! (What a cool idea!) Dave you are so cool! 

And if you were wondering about that weirdo photo of Cricket up there... Paige made 
Cricket expression eyebrows that we applied to make he the most adorable dog on 
the east coast! (I mean Oh My Gosh!)


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