A Very Special Day

Oh my Goodness, I could say a million words about how Dr Seuss has changed 
my soul. Without a doubt he has help point me in the direction I have headed. 
He was a pioneer and I would eat green eggs and ham with him in a house with a 
mouse any day! Happy Birthday to him!

The Everywhere Project

Have you seen the everywhere project pop up yet? It has just begun but it is very 
interesting. The Everywhere Project is a collaborative design project that pays tribute 
to the classic folk song “I’ve Been Everywhere”. It is curated by Adrian Walsh
a designer and illustrator based out of Southern California.
It looks as though they plan on featuring cities from just about... everywhere.


Corium Screen Printed Leather Bags - You have my Heart

These screen printed, leather bags have me emptying my bank account way before my 
proper bills are paid. Look at how pretty they are. I love the colors. But I am specifically
 drawn to that first one. It looks so natural, and comfortable. Corium offers bags of 
all sizes, check out more here.


What brands your Company?

I have been doing some really fun Branding and Identity work with my new 
favorite folks over at Red Gym Shoes, a philanthropic creative marketing company. 
Just wanted to post some of the highlights. 

Video Birth Announcement = Winner

This amazing video is Guaranteed to make you cry the happiest of tears. 
This is a video birth announcement. {I know right, babies, I had to do it!} 
My sister is about to have her very first baby and we are gaga over babies right now. 
I hope this very creative, sweet and tender video puts a little warmth into your 
otherwise chilly February morning. 

Thanks Design Mom for the Inspiration

1 Dog and 236 Illustrators = Much Fun

A picture book for adults. 
This book features one adorable little pup, Morran, and 236 very talented illustrators. 
Each illustrator takes a very unique and personal direction as they create a portrait of 
Morran and are featured in a full page of this book. Flipping through the pages 
provides endless inspiration and much entertainment. 

Follow this link: HERE to see a full preview of the book. Grab a Cup of Joe and sit 
back and enjoy. 


Destination DREAMLAND

Well its Monday and the perfect time to get all your dreams mixed up and scattered 
into the air. Aren't these photos amazing. Doesn't the air just look so sweet here? 
Its Salar De Yuyni, Bolivia, the worlds largest salt flat. All of that crust fluffy looking 
whiteness is salt, and it spans 10, 582 km across Bolivia. Absolutely amazing. Lets go!

Decode your next Conversation

Heres more good body language indicators.


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