Holiday Gift Guide for the tiny wee ones in your life

Honestly?... It was absolutely impossible to narrow down the images for this post.
Are you shopping for a wee one or a new mom or dad?
LOOK at these absolutely adorable little bits of wardrobe for children from anna kabazaar
I think my heart is racing they are so great... knee pads!? Are you kidding me?
 Oh my goodness. I could eat it up!
Absolute must haves!

this one is called the "hug me sweater"

Happy Friday Everyone!

Tonight Dave and I are having our parents over and we are cooking a cozy meal 
by the fire and Christmas tree, which due to its smallish size I adoringly refer to as "Charlie". 
And tomorrow we are heading to the Whoville Ice Sculpture Pavilion (I know what you are thinking... "What?") Check it out, if you are local and have kids or the same unhealthy obsession with Dr. Seuss 
as I do, It sounds AMAZING. I will keep you posted. 

Than after that we are heading to a Christmas cocktail party to see the Parade of Lights in Annapolis. 
There is nothing better than the idea of mixing boats and christmas lights!...Right?

I hope you have an action packed weekend planned~!
Every time I see these capes I fall a little more in love with them... how do you feel about the trend?
I found this one that I think is fabulous!
And striped cardigans have me drooling this season as well.... I wish the hair an long legs came with it. 
Maybe your 'giftee' is blessed with both. 
 And while you are rocking your beautiful new duds, a golden camera from Urban Outfitters
seems fitting, no?
and I just liked the idea of pairing a star necklace with the whole set {xox}
try this one from etsy

These  Celebratory signs by Megan Galante had me  smiling today and I thought it quite necessary to interrupt the holiday gift guide to share them with you lovely people. Its been a crazy week here, I could use the sign in the middle... I think it would do the trick and I could skip the break and carry on. 


sending my warmest wishes to you this holiday season my wonderful readers {xox}

Holiday Gift Guide for Someone looking for Everything...

Today I went shopping all in one place! Check out Terrain, I fell in love with so many things 
it became hard for me to decide what would make the cut!
For the fireside
For the Coffee table... (PS have you ever seen a sheep skin throw? *I know I should bite my tongue because they are so adorable and all, but I saw one last month at a farmers market and it was amazing)
For her beautiful neck...(doesn't this look weightless?)
Something to keep your lovely 'giftee' warm while the pop popcorn by the fire perhaps?
Seasons Greetings for a bare door! Find more options here!


Holiday Gift Guide for Outdoor Enthusists

For the Camper you know... this could be a silly stocking stuffer...

This highly rated omron pedometer is great for tracking distance and calories burned
or you could amp it up an notch and grab up one of those really cool Garmin GPS watches
have you seen these before? they are hiking sticks, designed to work your whole body while hiking.
Stock your hiker up with trail mix at Nuts by the pound and they will never go hungry again!
And of corse what is winter without these great accessories for patagonia:


Holiday Gift Guide, Vintage

Some good old fashioned gifts:
If you are looking for a stocking stuffer to wow... look no further! 
Visit this etsy storeThat old blue house2
This scarf is just so lovely found here janetexcat
These 1980's Christian Dior Frames from themongoosestore are killer!

Holiday Gift Guide, Lets Accessorize!

Gift Guide, Accessories:
Wouldn't this be cute as a "modern day stocking"? Think of all the goodies you could fit inside!

I don't know a single girl that doesn't look fabulous in one of these hats!

Who doesn't love accessories from Madewell...!? Look at that hat?
Any 'fashionista' in your life is going to dig these adorable finds.


Holiday Gift Guide for Kitchen lovers

We all love Rifle Paper Co... Isn't this cute little box of recipes a cute way to say hello?
Crate and Barrel has these really pretty surprisingly affordable baking stones 
that are great for baking breads and pizzas!
Aren't these tea towels from Linea Carta too cute? I love the red and off white together. 
on the site there are many more options for many kitchen styles. 
Know anyone who makes their own Jams or Jellies? This pot is designed with an outer shell of 
"chalk board" so you can label all your jars with chalk! How cute! Find it at shopterrain
And for the fabulous kitchen Diva in your life how about these gorgeous coasters?!
They are lined in gold {wow}
And are absolutely stunning. I can see them sitting on a glass table top with a tall 
wine glass on them right now. You can find them at rablabs.

Sometimes it really is all you need...  mike lowery's printed fabric


More Holiday Gift ideas: Books

I found this Great book on and they give you a great little peek inside
I got some great little tips for myself while I was at it...
Look! They also offer Manners for Kids! Looks like they have one for every day of the year...
How convenient!

Drive is a book about the human mind... I have always though the way we humans function 
is a fascinating thing, this book has been a top seller for a while and for good reason, a great pick for the "wizardy" type... or just those of us like myself who like to analyze every action.
Well here is a great gift trifecta! Although the book is not a sequalPillars of the Earth and A World Without End Ken Follett has written Fall of Giants with the same structure... with the intent to become a new trilogy! Any Readers and or history buffs will love this choice!
Eat Pray Love author has come out with a sequel! Committed,
This Action Packed Trilogy is a great set for anyone over 18:
Currently by the side of my bed for my nightly readying, Women Work Art Savoir Faire
Enjoying the tidbits very much, great for any woman venturing into this 
economy with a passionate nature.
Hendrik Hertzberg created this cool book, One Million in an impulse to try to make the newsworthy, large, and rather abstract number more concrete for people. To that end, he has created a book in which each of the 200 pages features five thousand dots, but on each page, a few of the dots are called out from their place in numerical order with a little piece of statistical information that add up to really bring the concept home.
Perfect for the Statistician in your life!


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