More Holiday Gift ideas: Books

I found this Great book on and they give you a great little peek inside
I got some great little tips for myself while I was at it...
Look! They also offer Manners for Kids! Looks like they have one for every day of the year...
How convenient!

Drive is a book about the human mind... I have always though the way we humans function 
is a fascinating thing, this book has been a top seller for a while and for good reason, a great pick for the "wizardy" type... or just those of us like myself who like to analyze every action.
Well here is a great gift trifecta! Although the book is not a sequalPillars of the Earth and A World Without End Ken Follett has written Fall of Giants with the same structure... with the intent to become a new trilogy! Any Readers and or history buffs will love this choice!
Eat Pray Love author has come out with a sequel! Committed,
This Action Packed Trilogy is a great set for anyone over 18:
Currently by the side of my bed for my nightly readying, Women Work Art Savoir Faire
Enjoying the tidbits very much, great for any woman venturing into this 
economy with a passionate nature.
Hendrik Hertzberg created this cool book, One Million in an impulse to try to make the newsworthy, large, and rather abstract number more concrete for people. To that end, he has created a book in which each of the 200 pages features five thousand dots, but on each page, a few of the dots are called out from their place in numerical order with a little piece of statistical information that add up to really bring the concept home.
Perfect for the Statistician in your life!

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