TYPOGRAPHY Friday: Gem Goode

Sending along some more type love for your Friday. I love the length these design 
have from Gem Goode at Deviant Art. Creating Type Art that is easy to read is a 
difficult task but I think the balance between flourishes and fancy typography here balance 
well and my eye flows across the page. I love that the entire design in both uses only one 
color. And once again, Great Quotes!



Are you taking notes here? Because John Rocco is seriously talented and it is blowing 
my mind. Every image I could find of his work had amazing perspective. And was so 
creative he had me thinking, "Damn I've gotta remember that." The choices he makes 
are divine. Sometimes he fills the page with color, other times he uses the white space 
to set a mood. And if you check out his color palette, he stays in a certain spot on the 
color wheel each time, utilizing hues and complimentary colors in a very strategic way, 
and he nails it.

The really cool thing about John Rocco is how he creates his illustrations. Check out the 
pencil drawing up there. Thats how he captures all of his tones, than he scans the image 
in and colors it in photoshop.

I am taking lesson now, and promise you will see this beautiful forced perspective pop 
up in some of my work. Thanks for the illustration inspiration. 

P.S. John Rocco was also the pre-production art director in the movie Shrek {too cool} 



Since we are in the process of writing our vows, I have been thinking about LOVE a 
lot lately. Its a funny thing isn't it? Finding one person that you want to spend the rest of 
your life with. Knowing that you will love them for as long as you live. And believing in 
them, {all the way to your soul} that their promise of love is worth giving your life to. 
Sometimes when Dave and I are on the couch with Cricket curled up in our lap, it feels 
like we are swimming in love. Some say love is like floating, but I'd say swimming. 
Because love is heavy and weightless at the same time. Just like swimming in water. 
Marriage is a big deal, if it doesn't have any weight to it its not time to marry. I feel 
no pressure or stress, but its a big deal when I look at Dave and I realize that he loves 
me enough to commit a lifetime to me. 

That feeling, when you realize we are both making the same plans is a strong and powerful 
emotion, and its nothing to be taken lightly. 

Like being surrounded by water, swimming forward and being able to breath. 
Yes, to me, Love is like swimming... And I feel so blessed. So blessed.

photo credit Braedon Photography


The Sketchbook Project

I am so excited to have just signed up for the 2013 Sketchbook Project
Here is how it works: 

I will receive a Sketchbook in the mail. My task is to fill it. Once its filled, I send it 
back to the creative folks at the Brooklyn Art Library. Than in January of 2013 it goes 
on tour along with all of the other sketchbooks from other participating artists. And at the 
end of its tour, it will be archived at the Brooklyn Art Library.  {xox} I am totally 
looking forward to committing to filling that book! 

PS. The best part...Anyone can join, check out the site for more information.

Happy Birthday to my FUTURE Husband {!}

Happy Birthday today to one of the most Amazing Men I know. Not only is he incredibly 
handsome but he is thoughtful, funny, majorly skilled, creative and incredibly spirited. 
When I met Dave four and half years ago, I knew as we played the game of LIFE 
{literally} that he was the one. 

Let me set the scene for you...We had just come in from a swim at the beach and 
finished our first dinner together. Neither of us wanted to call it a night so we settled 
in for a board game. In the middle of the game I found a pink $50 floating around on the 
game board. I asked him if it was his and he said no. I knew it wasn't mine so I said so.
 So, he took the pink $50 and placed it in the middle of the board and said, "Ok, well I will 
put this $50 here and if its gone at the end of the game... Than I guess we will learn a little 
bit about each other." And I am telling you folks, thats when I KNEW I had stumbled 
into something totally amazing. I laughed... and the game got ridiculously silly. As you 
can imagine being on a first date and playing the game of LIFE, its either going to 
get really awkward or really silly as you fill your game peice with children and 
secure your job as a rockstar.  

And yes, the pink $50 remained in its spot for the remainder of the game. 

Happy Birthday Dave,  you are my best friend, I love you with my whole 
heart and I can't wait to marry you. 


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