Are you taking notes here? Because John Rocco is seriously talented and it is blowing 
my mind. Every image I could find of his work had amazing perspective. And was so 
creative he had me thinking, "Damn I've gotta remember that." The choices he makes 
are divine. Sometimes he fills the page with color, other times he uses the white space 
to set a mood. And if you check out his color palette, he stays in a certain spot on the 
color wheel each time, utilizing hues and complimentary colors in a very strategic way, 
and he nails it.

The really cool thing about John Rocco is how he creates his illustrations. Check out the 
pencil drawing up there. Thats how he captures all of his tones, than he scans the image 
in and colors it in photoshop.

I am taking lesson now, and promise you will see this beautiful forced perspective pop 
up in some of my work. Thanks for the illustration inspiration. 

P.S. John Rocco was also the pre-production art director in the movie Shrek {too cool} 

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