Weekend Plans?

What you all up to this weekend?
Dave and I have an Engagement party this evening. Than tomorrow I am heading to Harrisburg to celebrate my good friend Kammi's Birthday {!} Than its off to the eastern shore to celebrate easter with my parents. Sounds busy... I am really excited. Especially after yesterdays lazy-fest. 
Be Safe... and do enjoy your weekend. 

Something Brilliant

As a duel major in Illustration and Advertising Design I am always drawn to creative advertising ideas. 
Check out this business card by the amazing Leo Burnett Agency
Its for a personal trainer... the most brilliant part is you have to tear off the belly to get it into your wallet.
Instant results! 


Sorry for the dead air yesterday lovelies... 
I was wiped out by a migraine. I had one of the least productive days of my life... what a bummer. 
I am still feeling a little under the weather today but I am up for making a better attempt at the day today!
thanks for stopping in for the visit though... xox


Today's event...

Today I will be at Howard County Library's Savage Branch to present Trusty the Tractor with Author, Martha Anne Clark at 12:30. We have a fun little art activity planned and Eli may even show up!
Stop on by if you are local!
If you can't make it by today, check out the side bar for our other panned events. 


ballerina dress

I love the back of this dress...xox

An apple a day...

These little fruit post-its are doing a great job of making work fun. 
Wouldn't it be cute to gift these to the office at Christmas time? I know my dad always got boxes of fresh pears from a client of his... wouldn't it spice things up a little to offer these post-it fruits?


Love this idea...

Love this idea, don't you?
Recycled vintage boxes turned into stairs... I wonder if crafty Dave could manage this for me...
Its kind of a space saver too wouldn't you say?
Imagine how cute a little iron railing would be with that...oh my!

Plush Taxidermy...

New Trend?
Wouldn't this be cute on a little boys wall who was just starting to hunt?

A gift for mom...

Mother's Day is just around the corner so heres a creative gift idea.
Meant for a Moment offers custom illustrations that can be personalized in any way.
Mother's Day custom illustrations are starting $75 this includes up to three people. 

Get in touch with me today to get yours started. 


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