Happy Friday...

Happy Friday. {xox}

Dave and I are heading to a birthday party on the 
Chesapeake bay this weekend than meeting up 
with his parents for some fun in the sun. 
{And they are meeting cricket for the very first time} 

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend! 


Sail Bags for Sale

These cute Nautical Bags from Reiter8 are made out of retired sails. 
I am really drawn to that adorable anchor tote. 
But think the J-bag would a great gift for a Jimmy or Jane. 

You know there are a bunch of different boats referred 
to as "J-Boats" and that bag came from one of their sails.
On Tuesday nights in Annapolis over 30 J-22's race on the bay. 


Are you as Excited?

Jeff Daniel's wrote a Song entitled, "Are you as Excited" 
and the lyrics are amazing. They are actually much 
more thoughtful than this quote would let on, 
but this was the hook of this song and it is irresistible. 

I was jogging this weekend, soaking in his lyrics
 like a sponge and I just had to work up something
 with this line, it was too good to pass. 

Don't you feel this way sometimes?
Like you have such great news or something 
really great is going on and you are dying to 
tell SOMEONE who cares but no one seems to 
share the same enthusiasm? I, being an extremely 
enthusiastic person, seem to suffer from this issue 
often and the lyrics made me giggle...

So enjoy.

In my Imaginary Closet

This adorable breezy little top from Zara makes me 
want to hop in the car (preferably an old-school VW 
beetle convertible) and head straight to the beach 
with a good book and my sweet little dog. {xox}
If I were to add these little peep toe pretties from lulus,
perhaps I would take a stroll along the boardwalk too...
And this bag from Liberty London would be just
 big enough to pack everything, Cricket and I need for the day.

Oh wouldn't it be nice... Life is but a Dream.


Yes Yes Yes.

Oh those bags from Shabd+Baggu!
And that skirt!
I am not sure whether I wish I was taller or that I had room for another back pack,
 I can't choose between the two. 
What do you think? Blue, Salmon or Grey?

Lets get lost...

Oh it's a Monday...Can't we all agree this would be a great idea?
This photo was taken down in Charleston where the spanish moss hung from 
huge draping trees... I'd be up for a swing on that hammock, anyone in?


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