So... bring on the snow...I guess

Rumor has there is 18-24 inches about the fall from the sky and reek havoc upon Maryland. Wishing you all luck! Hopefully you find a reason to stay inside. And if you must go out, I hope it involves dancing or building a snowman...

Something Sweet to wake up to...

Not only would this be something sweet to wake up to... wouldn't it be nice if those flowers came from the back yard? That would mean it was summer! Hope you are all in the spirit of Valentine's Day and thinking about how to surprise that special lovely with something particularly wonderful! 


Cute as a button

The only thing cuter than these button cookies, May be the recipe page. Thinking of adding these to my list of things to do...maybe on Saturday..if the snow comes!

Something Fabulous...

Ever wish you had an excuse to where something totally fabulous? I haven't found my excuse but when I do... I will be wearing this fabulous head band... love love love it!

Five Hundred Pencils

Wow... to be honest, colored pencils havent made their way into my hands since college... But it is possible, with this installation by, Felissimo I may just pull out my old box and see what I can do with them.  Just a little unique bit of sunshine for your morning... Color Color Color! 


Invitation, By Shel Silverstien

Today... i thought of you...

Taking a stroll down Ellicott City Main Street and finding some old sketch books of my Grandmother's got me thinking... Its so nice to have family, its hard missing them, even harder know I haven't ever met others that passed too early... Today I was thinking... of my grandmothers, one whom I have met, loved and now miss. One whom I have never met, but still love and still miss... Thinking of you. And grateful for you...


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