Well, If this isn't awesome, I am not sure what is. Artist Hong Seon Jang uses pieces 
of movable type from a printing press to create a detailed and elaborate city scape, 
aptly entitled, Type City. 


A Girl's Best Friend

Because they are so damn cute sometimes... I mean really, doesn't this just lighten 
your heart?
I hope you have a light hearted Thursday my friends. xox

Boston Terrier Pic Via, Top Pic Via, Chihuahua Pic; Via
And my Cricket pic, Taken by Taylor Mccutchan Photography



This week's Illustration Inspiration comes from Philip Barlow. It was the luminosity 
in these paintings that drew me to them. Actually, I originally thought they were 
photographs artfully taken out of focus. But Philip Barlow captured the figures in 
a perfect moment when the light is falling on them just right and creates a 
sparkling art piece. 

Something about these paintings 'remind me of a time'... Not a specific time, 
but I do get that feeling that I have been there, and seen that exact moment, 
and with that feeling comes the sounds and the feel and smell of it all. Do you get the 
feeling that each painting surrounds you? Like you are standing in that scene watching 
it happen. I am kind of feeling the ocean breeze right now. And that, my friends, 
is why I love Philip Barlow's amazing works of art. 


Our Wedding, the Highlight Reel

Well, if you have been following along... Dave and I got married a month ago (today!).
And let me just say, honestly... it was the best day of my life. Seriously. My heart was
 bursting with happiness, and I was swallowed up by my most sincere emotions. It was
 wonderful. And we were lucky enough to have a very talented and super creative 
photographer along side us to capture the day. Thank you to everyone who came to 
celebrate with us. The love and support you have given us is felt all the way to our 
souls. Thank you from the bottom of our heart, all the way back up to the tops. xox

***All Photographs taken by Taylor McCutchan Photography.***
Taylor is a California based photographer, that traveled to us, worked with our budget 
and provided buckets of mind blowing photos. His creativity and talent shone through 
every photo he sent us and had me "Wowing" out loud through the whole slide show. 
For any event, Call him, Text him, Email him... You will LOVE him. 

A thought for Tuesday

I am not one to make largely opinionated statements but this Chic-a-filet thing is starting 
to make my head hurt... Here is what I have to say about it all... #justsayin


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