This week's Illustration Inspiration comes from Philip Barlow. It was the luminosity 
in these paintings that drew me to them. Actually, I originally thought they were 
photographs artfully taken out of focus. But Philip Barlow captured the figures in 
a perfect moment when the light is falling on them just right and creates a 
sparkling art piece. 

Something about these paintings 'remind me of a time'... Not a specific time, 
but I do get that feeling that I have been there, and seen that exact moment, 
and with that feeling comes the sounds and the feel and smell of it all. Do you get the 
feeling that each painting surrounds you? Like you are standing in that scene watching 
it happen. I am kind of feeling the ocean breeze right now. And that, my friends, 
is why I love Philip Barlow's amazing works of art. 

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