Looking for a creative idea for your sweet one this halloween? Check out these ADORABLE ideas...
That shark! Oh my goodness!


Now lets talk about these sun glasses folks...
Would anyone ever dare? I wish I could say I was brave enough, they are so detailed and spectacular!
But I would probably go with a pass...would any you?
from steampunk

More my style:
from dear creatures love love love anything bright red!
from bigcartel {i would wear this EVERYDAY!}

from blushing abmition so comfy and cute perfect for the summer/fall transition
this yellow peacoat has me drooling...matched with the beautiful hair piece I am sooo in love!


Never forget to believe Impossible things and Set Outrageous goal!
The sky is the limit... reach as high as you can... as often as you can 
its often the most important thing I do in a day...


I got to test out my new book on my favorite little boys this weekend!
How fulfilling to see that he actually paid attention and found "Eli" the goat on every page!
So energizing to see it all come to life and rewarding to watch it in action.
Thanks for a great weekend P's... see you again soon!


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