Heading on Vacation.

Please excuse me. I am heading on a vacation! For the next five days I will be
in the beautiful town of Charleston, South Carolina, celebrating the marriage of two friends of ours,
and unable to post daily. But I will return rejuvenated and quite possibly sunburnt on Tuesday. 

It is my first visit down there and I am excited to see the sites. 
Stay posted for a photographic re-cap. 
And big news to announce when I return so Stay Posted!

Love to you all!
Have a Wonder-filled Holiday weekend!

Vintage + Upcycled = LOVE

Love these. I just do. Period. 


Glamorous, Boho.

Dave and I are heading down to Charleston for a Wedding this weekend and I have been swooning over summer dresses and all the cutest styles. Hoping to find a new dress to wear while I was down there seeing the sites. I stumbled across this fossil necklace from Urban Outfitters and it prompted me to scour the internet in search of an outfit to match it... 

Its a pretty cool necklace right? I think its jazzy enough it can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on how you where it. So I fell in love with this Glam/bohemian look... And WISH it was in my closet right now and not floating around in cyber space. What do you think of those shoes?
Charleston Here I come!

I'm just sayin'

Isn't that a large part of it all?


DIY Table Runner

LOVE vintage doilies. And I am swimming in them at the moment. 
So when I came across this adorable table runner I thought "Brilliant" What a great idea. I love how some have a vintage tea stained look and some are bright white. If you put a mason jar of 
wild flowers over that it would send it over the top for sure. 

Get organized.

My Cork Boards are starting to get dis-organized. I am falling in love with this clip board idea. 
One job per clip board, I could get into that. Really dig those colors too!


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