Would you felt your dog?

I found this unique artist on Etsy {Surprise} She felts custom portraits of dogs... Ill just give you a second to let that image above sink in... Real dog vs. felted dog... Oh My Goodness, its uncanny isn't it?
And I am just in love with those little cuties down there... 
Its a pretty interesting craft wouldn't you say?

Would you order a custom felted portrait of your treasured dog?
I don't have a dog right now, 
and I think if Dave keeps saying "no" I'll have to break and get one of these...{haha} 
Something tells me its just not the same.


BHLDN... I see what the Buzz is all about

The web has been buzzing about the new Anthropologie wedding line; BHLDN
And I can see why. 
The designs send out a Mrs Darcy meets Carrie Bradshaw vibe. 
I can picture bare feet with some of these dresses and fancy red pumps with others, I think thats why I like them so much.
These dresses are reasonably priced but not for a bargain shopping bride... and totally gorgeous!


I'll take two

Today I am drooling over this beautiful dress from, Timeless Vixen Vintage
Can't you see this dress appearing at your next outdoor summer party?
Love Love Love!
For more lacy dresses, Visit this treasury:


I love eggs

A friend of ours owns a farm and raises chickens...
He gifts us fresh eggs all the time {xox} Recently we got about 18 eggs and I am feeling a bit of pressure to use them up before they go bad... If only we were closer to easter they would all be rainbowed and sitting happily in discrete hiding places.

This morning I found my solution.
Heart Eggs, aren't they adorable... ?


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