Submissions to SCBWI... {!}

Above are my submissions to the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Bulletin. 
It's very cool that they have an open submission process for articles and artwork. If you are lucky enough to be chosen your illustration/article is included in there bi-monthly bulletin... 
Wouldn't it be stellar to be included?!

I am keeping my fingers crossed!
What do you think?


Why didn't I think of that?!

Isn't this a great idea? AZcreative Studio took antique silver trays and painted the inside
with chalkboard paint to create these fancy chalkboards.
I can see them looking really spiffy at a wedding, informing people of the drink options 
or with a special quote on them... Don't you think!?

And the best part is you can do it yourself!
(or buy it, its very reasonably price!)

I'm just saying...

all images via


Somthing's happening here...

Things are-a-changin around here.
As you may {or may not} know I have been lucky enough to illustrate a few children's books. {yay!}
But things on my website started getting a little cluttered so here's whats happening...


I have added another professional website to showcase my book work...

will now be for my book illustrations only. And...

will showcase my company and all the fancy spectacular things we offer there.

Please feel free to visit at anytime... I do love the attention (I am a middle child after all)


Logo Mania at Meant for a Moment

Just popping in with a personal post...
Want to know what I have been up to? Well... I have been designing a lot of Logos lately, 
and I thought I would toss one into the posts today...

This one was created for a lovely woman in California. 
The golden poppy is the California State flower. What do ya think?


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