INTRODUCING: Typography Friday

New Deal Folks. Every Friday = Typography Friday. 
Since I find myself drooling over all of the type art out there and dying to share but 
without any proper avenue or platform for it, I have created one. So here we go. 
Todays feature proves my recent journey into type love. The top image is the ever 
talented type genius John Passafiume's save the date design {its like a maze of words 
and art, love it} compared with my simple whimsical illustrated type save the date 
for Dave and I. Just getting my feet wet... more to come. Happy Friday {xox}


Katie Rodgers = Amazing Right?

SO Madly in Love with Katie Rodgers' beautiful watercolors. 
Check out more at Paperfashion. Oh Its SO good isn't it?!


Illustration Inspiration featuring: Lia Marcoux

Happy Wednesday and welcome back to our Illustration Inspiration Feature. 
This week, my drawing hands are totally jealous of Lia Marcoux's unique style and amazing 
ability to pick the most perfect color palette. Looking at her work you can't help but notice 
her brilliant choice of color to separate foreground from background, and to set the 
mood in the illustration. Her light and shadow are fantastic. Do you kind of get a a folk art 
feel from her work? And do you notice the noses of her characters? They are all red...
I really adore any artist with a signature that sticks out like that. 


Embroidery... {xox}

Wouldn't it be adorable to use these custom embroidered numbers from Merriweather Council 
as table numbers at your adorable wedding and than gift those cute little initial necklaces to your bridesmaids. I love the color, texture and vintage look that the embroidery adds. Oh its so clever!


Great Alarm Clock Idea

Oh My Gosh! Have you seen these silent alarm clocks yet? Its a touch screen wrist 
band that vibrates when you need to wake up, sum it up or get out of dodge. I LOVE 
this idea. Because Dave and I are always popping out of bed at different times, these 
private little alarms would add a lot less groaning to the morning routine. 
What do you think? 


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