Fan Mail... xox

On March 2nd I had the delight of reading to the Kindergarden at Odenton Elementary School...
And I also had the joy of "over doing it" by coming dressed as the Cat in the Hat...

Receiving comments like: "Are you the cat in the hat?"
"No, she can't be the Cat in the Hat, the Cat in the Hat is a boy."
"Well, Are you the Cat in the Hat's Sister?"
To which I replied, "Yes, of corse."
To which they replied, "Where is your Brother the real Cat in the Hat?"
"California." I said... It seemed the only logical response... and it was well received...

Kids are too adorable for words... 
I just recieved this "Fan Mail" {be still my heart}
Check out the Bats and Bones... I am not sure what it means but I am totally sure I love it!


Well Well Well, Friday. We meet again.

Happy Friday! 
Wouldn't you have loved to be on this set with these brilliant comical actors?
Not to mention my tremendous crush on Adrian Brody... have you seen his stella artois commercial?

What are you up to this weekend? It looks like I will be working through the weekend but I am hoping to squeeze in some down time in the evenings or maybe even a trip out on the town!
I hope you get some fresh air and time off this weekend {xox} 

photo via

Find me....Yellow

Collections of Colors... Its so simple but I love it. 
I wonder if I collected all different colors from my house and grouped them, what my grouping would look like. This is also a good idea for kids... and very pretty, don't you think?


Spring Trench...oh yes!

I absolutely adore this combo from ZARA... 
Spring is upon us and this seems the perfect fit to wash away those winter humbugs {red shoes xoxo!}

Something to melt your heart.

If you have a moment, read this quote from Ronald Dahl... its absolutely delightful. xox
print from Annd Beestje

My My, did you do something different with your hair?

Look at these goofy flower pots by GOOD... are you smiling yet?
The best part is you take the photo yourself so it gives you an opportunity to get really creative!


A reason to send some snail mail

I stumbled across a cool famous letterhead site today called letterheady and 
fell in love with Charles Shultz's letterhead. Whats not to love? 
Harry Houdini's letter head was kind of cool too.
What do you think of Johnny Cash's..pretty spunky right?

I am feeling inspired now... oh the possibilities.


Check out these Leaves...

Check these leaf silhouettes. I am kind of amazed right now looking at these portraits. 
Jenny Lee Fowler creates paper cut out of silhouettes on etsy, but she took it a step further by 
applying her style to leaves. I think the veins in the leaves add to the "life" of the subject and
it just thrills me... bravo!


Ideas for Re-use.

After yesterdays Beautiful weather I was feeling the itch to get the house cleaned up and rejuvenated for Spring. Dave and I had pulled two very old, very beautiful wooden mantles from my grand parent's attic this winter and we have been brainstorming on uses for them. Originally we planned to store them until we had a family and use them as twin bed frames {cute right?}
But yesterday, I thought I would try this out. Why wait right?
I put one in our living room...
Don't you love that vintage book cover?
And one in our bed room. {xox}
What do you think? The wood has a rustic look to it and I am considering refinishing them one day. But for now, I am totally thrilled with what they have done to enhance the room!


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