Happy Friday...

Happy Friday Everyone, 
I hope you Have this kind of weekend.

Filled with lots of over the top adorable love scene moments.

(Didn't you love this movie?)


Love this. 
Need this.
Gotta have this.

New Featured Logo Design

I friend of mine and sports FANATIC is launching her blog and radio career
as the Sports Mistress and I had the honor of working with her to create
her "Super Glam" Logo. The name was so much fun to work with I had to feature it today. 

What do you think?

If you are into Sports, Check this Sports Diva out: Sports Mistress


Be still my heart...

cosafina rings xox

White walls... keep 'em? Cover 'em?

Please see below for evidence. 
via Bri Emry's Pinterest post about swank lofts. 

Even though I am often drawn it the airy open-ness of it, I have trouble keeping a white wall, white.

I tend to smatter every bit of art and self expression that I have up on my walls. So naturally I really like these frame collages. I do think there is a certain art to a frame collage. 
*Find a focal point. * Use Delicate Fames. 
* Use Simple piece of artwork that won't compete with each other. etc. 

I may not be the expert. But I am really digging this vintage collection...
mixed with all sorts of old and new photos. It looks kind of glamorous doesn't it?

I grew up in a house where there was art work on the walls and family photos on the tabletops.
So I am not sure if I will ever venture into the world of a photo-collaged wall, but I think if I spent some time with it, it could be really awesome. 

I actually remember seeing a few blog posts, about a year ago, of someone who blew up (poster size on canvas) a really bright candid photo and hung it over their sofa. 
And I thought I could surely get into that, I just didn't have the right photo for it yet... 
But I suppose its something to work on. 

How do you feel about white walls? Keep 'em or cover 'em?


Summer Totes

Love these Summer Totes from Rib and Hull.

Oh My Gosh... This is so Perfect

I just found this on Etsy and burst out laughing!
If ANYone has ever been on a boat with me. Be it wind or gas powered they would know... 
this is exactly what it is like for me on a boat. I feel an overwhelming desire to purchase this for myself. 

Where is Dave when you need him, some body come over and laugh about this with me!

A family is born...

I found this amazing photographic tree that spans almost 30 years over at Marvelous Kiddo
I am inspired to start my own. Look at the children growing up, isn't that unreal?

It would be kind of funny to see one created of me because I change my hair color so much. 
And I think Dave would remain just as consistent as the father here... 
same facial hair and hair cut since 1976. How funny. 


Just a start...

I am working on a wedding package for a Garden themed wedding 
and I am putting my watercolors to use once more! 

Here is a taste of what my watercolor pad looks like at the end of a painting session. 
I have big plans for this little guys ~ stay tuned!

Take two

Check out these Re-Takes of our favorite iconic images.

Wouldn't it be fun to remake a photo or image from 50 years ago? The era, the atmosphere, 
the confidence in the women being capture are all breathtaking.
Can you imagine what it would be like being an American Icon?

I think some of these young Hollywood stars are on their way, aren't they beautiful?
I love Rosey up there... those eyebrows (grrr!) love it!


Street Art in Crumbles

These portraits have been CRAVED out of the walls of these buildings by artist, Alexandre Farto

He scratched and carved each large scale portrait into the walls of abandoned buildings. 
Aren't they striking? Almost haunting aren't they? I am amazed at how much detail he can capture
amongst the crumbles...what do you think about? Vandalization or Art?

Infinity Scarf...{xox}

Isn't there something wonderful and fresh about this scarf?

I have been looking for a scarf to wear on those cool spring evenings and this 
one from etsy totally takes the cake. 


Wooden Toys!

Look at these spectacular mobiles from The Wooden Wagon

Their entire site is filled with wonderful wooden toys for children. (Wooden, not plastic. I dig)
Dave and I recently bought his nephew this Wobbly Stacking Tower:
from their site where I became so enamored with their wooden toys I could have ordered an entire 
truck-load for myself! Aren't the colors fabulous?
I just love it... and have you seen their puzzles?


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