My First .gif File.

I have always wondered how these worked... I finally figured it 
{A successful day!}

Its Friday!

Its Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Dave and I will be Eastern Shore bound to 
wrap some wedding venue scouting into my favorite fall weekend...The Waterfowl Festival. 
Historic Easton will be shut down and dedicated to art all weekend! This weekend, all of the 
most talented wildlife artists from around North America will travel to the tiny town of Easton 
to present their amazing works of art. Every year I look forward to bundling up to admire 
the talent with my parents and Dave. 

Hope you have a really sweatery weekend.  The leaves are changing!

Christmas Ball Garland...

I don't really need to say too much about how awesome these are... Do I?
Find out how here.

Holiday Crafts and Giving

Last night I had the privilege to par-take in a unique holiday experience in Alexandria 
that focused on giving back to the community as well as stocking up for Christmas. Guests 
were encouraged to bring donations, to benefit Lutheran Social Services, The Fisher House 
and United Community Ministries. After dropping their goodies at the door they spent the 
rest of the night dining and shopping amongst the many vendors set up with their wares 
(myself included). What a great way to do Christmas!

Dave attended with me to help with the event and we had a great time milling with 
the many people who showed up! Thanks Mary Ann for a great event!


Smitten with Mittens

Hello Colder Weather. Bye Bye Five Fingered Gloves, 
Welcome Adorable Mittens. 
I was over browsing the great stuff at Poppy Talk this 
morning and I could not help but notice all the hand made 
adorable mittens. Like these from Things By Slo and 

So bring it on Winter. 


Custom Illustrated Portraits

Tis the Season. 
Meant for a Moment Custom illustrated Portraits make great 
additions to holiday greetings and gifts.

Email for Details. 

Calligraphy for beginners

WOW! I just found the best website. Its Called Project Wedding. 
It is Filled with DIY Wedding ideas and Online wedding sources. 

Have you ever considered Calligraphing your own wedding 
invitations? Its a little scary. But here are some helpful tips: 

• Only put pressure on the pen when you are pulling it in a downward 
motion, the rest of the strokes should be thin hairlines (that way 
the nib won't catch on the paper).

• Practice with the ink beforehand on the kind of envelope you will be 
using to make sure the ink sets (some envelopes are coated and 
repel the ink).

• It takes some time to get used to the nib, so spend some time practicing 
before you begin.

• Lighter inks and metallic inks show up best on dark envelopes.

• If the ink is left out on the pen for more than a minute or two when it isn't 
in use, you'll need to wash it with water and dry it completely.

• It is good to have a moist paper towel nearby to wipe the nib down


Hot Chocolate Bar

For anyone having a Wedding this Fall or Winter here is a 
brilliant addition. A hot chocolate bar {!} Around 8 o-clock,  
the coffee bar sets up at a wedding and it is all too often Decafe.
 {Me being the caffeine junkie is always looking for high test and 
it seems the majority vote is 'Decafe after dinner'...Bummer. 
Buuut... If I was faced with the option of decaffeinated coffee or 
a super cool hot chocolate bar {easy} the Hot Chocolate bar 
gets my pick. And look how adorable marshmallows are 
at a wedding. 

 Skip the Coffee. Say yes to Hot Cocoa. 
Love this idea.  


Braille Necklaces

Braille Necklaces. Cool!
 Do you know someone who fidgets with their jewelry?  Aww, 
what a perfect little reminder to wear around their neck. 

You can find them here.


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