Chocolate Mousse (Two Ingredients)

Wow, I just came across this chocolate mousse recipe over at Chef Fernando's 
food blog... there are only two ingredients and it promises to be the most amazing! 
And aren't those the cutest little servers?


Spend your Honeymoon in an Igloo

Wow. Can you think of anything cooler right now? An insulated glass igloo that you 
can watch the aurora borealis in, while cuddled in bed {!}. And do you see the little 
snow igloos too? What a cool place to stay. I think seeing the northern lights would 
be amazing. Unfortunately they don't correspond with July so we won't be traveling
 here for our honeymoon but if anyone is looking for a killer spot for your wintery 
honeymoon spot, check out Hotel Kakslauttanen

PS. They even offer a snowy little chapel that you can plan your destination 
wedding in. 

Thanks Bored Panda for the Inspiration


New Years Resolutions... Mine and Yours...?

Do you make New Years Resolutions? 
Usually I shy away from resolutions, for no other reason than I think they are kind of 
cheesy. But this year I am... I wanted to set some attainable personal goals. {Although 
some are kind of silly} I did want to give myself something to look back on a year from
 now to see how I did. 

I think setting personal goals unrelated to my career are important for me so I remember
 to slow down and enjoy all of the wonderful things that come with being a 20-something 
woman just starting out. I am often too focused on my future to appreciate the day before 
me. Do you find that time is just flying by? 

If you made a resolution list would it be career oriented or more personal oriented? 
Its kind of an interesting thing to think about. It might be nice to consider slowing 
down and making some resolutions for your personal self in 2012 to make sure the 
year doesn't go by before you have time to enjoy it.  


New Years Dresses. Do you need to glitter?

What are your New Years Plans this New Year? Are you heading out? Do you need to glitter? 
I love the new sparkling trend of these sequin dresses...{!} Here are some Very Adorable, very affordable New Years dress ideas. Zara: $129. Free People: $168. Asos: $109. Modcloth: $53. 


It was a Wonderful Christmas

Hello, I am back and feeling fresh after two days of wonderful holiday celebrations... 
{!} Confession... I brought a couple manila folders, to my parents house, of things 
todo while we relaxed on the couch this holiday... but I didn't do any of it! It is not
 often I spend two days in a row not worrying about my todo list, but I did, and it 
was liberating. I felt like a rebel fighting for the cause of Christmas! FOR THE 

I was surrounded by my wonderful funny family while they were relaxing and chatting 
and it seemed more appropriate I join in than anything else. We just had such a great 
weekend! And great news came from my little sister who is now engaged! (Wow! 
Congratulations Kels!)

My parents cooked us an amazing Christmas Dinner than we celebrated late into the 
night with my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. Dave and I had our Christmas exchange 
late Christmas night... he labeled all the gifts funny things like "Hermit Crab Eggs," 
"Brine Shrimp," and "Gold Bar from Fort Knox," it was so funny... I got a magic lens
 for my camera that makes all my photos look amazing and he got me a tile that says
 we are going to create a backsplash together! (What a cool idea!) Dave you are so cool! 

And if you were wondering about that weirdo photo of Cricket up there... Paige made 
Cricket expression eyebrows that we applied to make he the most adorable dog on 
the east coast! (I mean Oh My Gosh!)


Merry Christmas...Love, Me

Well. It is December 23rd and this will be my last post before Christmas. I 
wanted to take the time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope you find 
memories of Christmas' past flooding your senses while you sip your coffee 
and look at your tree this year. For me, those memories include footie pajamas, 
sleepless nights, a big wheels and my grandparents {xox}. And I hope that this 
Christmas brings with it a catalogue of new memories to fill your heart. 

This year we are celebrating Paige and Caleb's pregnancy and my engagement 
to Dave, so there are new memories to come. And while at one point I feared our 
family was getting smaller, it looks as if we might be on the cusp of it getting larger!
 Merry Christmas to you and yours! My Happiest wishes to you. 


Where will you be for Christmas?

We are very excited today! Paige is coming home for two weeks and we haven't seen
 her in 6 months! I am SO looking forward to it. And she is pregnant! (There is a baby 
growing inside of her and she is my sister... this is a brand new experience.)  Big 
Stuff this Christmas!

Interesting Facts About Christmas


Last Minute Fresh Ideas

Here are some last minute funky ideas from: Walnut Animal Society 
The Animal Print Shop and UnCommon Goods ... my favorite from UnCommon 
goods are these awesome Dancing Lion Speakers that dance to the beat and lip sync 
to the songs that you play on your ipod! (any child would devour that! {heck} I am 
27 and I want it!)

P.S. Zappos is offering Free shipping and Guaranteed delivery by 
Christmas when you order online. 


Meant for a Moment's Custom Holiday

Well, its been a busy holiday here for Meant for a Moment. Here is a peek of a few 
of the Custom Designs I created for Holiday Cards. Its been a lot of fun prepping for 
the holidays. I am SO happy they are right around the corner! Stay tuned for the 
unveiling of the whole collection. 


Make some one feel pretty...with these stuffers

Look at those glittery powdery pearls, I love the idea of mixing colors 
to get the proper skin tone... it makes it seem like you are working up a 
masterpiece when you are putting on your make up. And doesn't truffle oil 
make everything sound deliciously moist? Imagine a body lotion... I wonder.
 I love hoods. I think robes are highly under rated. Especially if you have
 a lot of windows {!} Have you ever used dry shampoo? Find them all here:   


Unique and Cool gift ideas

There are so many "COOL" things out there to gift this year. Check out these items if 
you are looking for unique gift ideas...I-Phone CarabeanerNever Ending Story tablet
 cover, Alpaca Hot Water Bottles cover, Cute CardGreat BookBowling Set {!} 
Confusing Table Cloth... (Fork on right or left?)


Sisters {best friends for LIFE}

I am sandwiched between two sisters, both very cool and very different. Shopping 
for them is a lot of fun. I LOVE having sisters especially during the holidays! {xoxo}
Ideas: Scotch NailPolish, Classic by Nature Christmas Pillow, Lauren Haupt 
Heart Necklace,  Totally adorable Paw Sweater, Topshop, and 


Gifts for your man {boyfriend, fiance, husband, lover}

Got a guy whose hard to shop for? Here are some ideas for your manly man, this winter, 
Nuts Online has a million different granola options that you can buy in bulk {yum} that 
can be coupled with a nice L.L. Bean winter coat. Or you can opt for the "Date outfit" 
from, J. Crew. {Dave hates buying clothse so anytime I buy him a nice shirt he is relieved 
to have something nice to wear.} If you are feeling adventurous, you could hop on Amazon 
and buy a cozy two person tent and schedule a camping weekend. Or buy a Nano and load 
it up with all of your favorite songs!


For the Hostess who deserves the mostess

Suddenly we are booked with Holiday parties. When did I get social? {xox} 
Here are some cute, unique and affordable ideas to bring to your next hostess to to 
spread the holiday cheer.


Gift guide for your Special Mom

Oh Terrain! You can't go wrong. So I was browsing for some mom gifts this 
morning and I hopped on Terrain's website and the holy gates opened and 
needed to look NO FURTHER! They have a wonderful collection of items 
for anyone on your list who enjoys hosting, gardening or just the pleasure of a 
lovely home. Above are a few affordable highlights. 


Gift Guide for Good Ole' Dad

Here are a few ideas for Dad... because he is solid as a rock, never lets you down 
and young at heart. Find each item in the respective places. Fab LLBean 

PS; Doesn't that Chocolate look Delicious? Almond and Sea Salt (yum)


Bags and totes for your bag obsessed lovlies

Know someone with a lot of baggage? How about offering them something a little 
more stylish. A must on the list. I could just crawl up inside of these and fall asleep. 
My Sparrow offers all sorts of items for the house and home, check them out 
for more gift ideas.


A spot of tea?

For the tea lover in your life, wouldn't it be cute to purchase some yummy 
loose tea and gift it with some vintage tea cups like these from Pillow Sophi?


Calligraphy Gift Idea

For anyone who loves the written word, or traveling, Lindsey Bee offers adorable 
custom pieces that would make great gifts for this Holiday Season...

Look at her Calligraphy... Love it!

Deck the Halls

Our Halls are decked here! How do you deck your halls? We use old vintage Christmas
 decor from my grandparents house and it makes everything feel very warm and cozy. 

While I finished the Christmas extravaganza here, Cricket spent the afternoon 
cuddled in a blanket presiding over the final touches... occasionally sending an 
exhausted disapproving glance my way...

{I am not sure she 'gets' Christmas yet... I'll break her down eventually}

P.S: Our tree is only about 4 ft tall. Makes me feel like a GIANT
And the bittersweet from the wreath came from our back yard {xox}


Octavia Bloom, Gifts for Her

And first up on our Holiday Gift Guide this year is Octavia Bloom's Beautiful Jewelry.
For anyone who loves colors and quality... these pieces would be perfect. 

The Meant for a Moment Holiday Gift Guide is HERE!

Drum Roll Please. 
In Wholesome December Fashion I will be continuing my Gift Guide tradition this year. 
Stay tuned all month for gift ideas for Him, Her, and the all tiny ones on your list. 
Fear not, I have some GREAT things on the list this year! Happy Holidays!


A Pallet Cleanser

Look at all of the creative things you can do with Pallets! I really like that Day Bed because 
there is even extra space in there for cool books and special things. And isn't that shelf cool?

I found these ideas at looplane but they are all over, if you have pallets and feel like getting 
creative just hit the web!


I heart this sweater

Currently Loving this Sweater. 
Whats not to love? Its a heart for goodness sake. 
Find it at J Crew.


Crochet anyone?

Do you crochet? I was trying to watch a youtube video to teach me how to crochet 
a snowflake and it was actually really intense. I LOVE this beautiful coverlet and I 
think it would be a great challenge to create it. You can purchase the pattern at 
Ravelry and try it yourself, let me know how it goes. 


A Thankful Thanksgiving

Tis the Season to be Thankful. 
To my friends and Family. I am so grateful for you. 


Frozen Bubbles

Did you know you could freeze bubble into little shattered ice balls?
According to Science Made Fun just wait for a day under 32 degrees 
and blow away. Catch your bubbles on your wand and watch your
crystals form! I think they look like little eggs. 



Gold Stars xox

These DIY Gold stars would be an adorable addition to a wedding...
(maybe mine!) or even Christmas time. Wouldn't it be cute to string
a bunch of them on a garland and wrap your tree in them? 

Find out how to make them here.


Hey, Honey.

Isn't this Honey Comb Honey Jar cute?
I love the color of honey so that alone sells me, but when you put it in this crazy cool jar. 
Bam, even cooler. Find them at: Biodidactic Designs


Clive Tyler, Pastels... who knew

This weekend Dave and I went with my Parents to the Waterfowl Festival in 
Easton, MD. We saw so many talented artist. So many. My eyes were like greedy 
little children sucking in all the beautiful art. 

My dad and I both shared the same favorite in the show. He was a Cowboy from 
Taos New Mexico who blew our minds with his pastel work. Its kind of amazing 
to look at these paintings and learn that they are not paint isn't it. His name was Clive 
Tyler and he had a large sampling of outstanding artwork as well as a pleasant attitude 
and spoke with us in depth about his medium and journey. 

Check out more of his work here: Clive Tyler


My First .gif File.

I have always wondered how these worked... I finally figured it 
{A successful day!}

Its Friday!

Its Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Dave and I will be Eastern Shore bound to 
wrap some wedding venue scouting into my favorite fall weekend...The Waterfowl Festival. 
Historic Easton will be shut down and dedicated to art all weekend! This weekend, all of the 
most talented wildlife artists from around North America will travel to the tiny town of Easton 
to present their amazing works of art. Every year I look forward to bundling up to admire 
the talent with my parents and Dave. 

Hope you have a really sweatery weekend.  The leaves are changing!

Christmas Ball Garland...

I don't really need to say too much about how awesome these are... Do I?
Find out how here.

Holiday Crafts and Giving

Last night I had the privilege to par-take in a unique holiday experience in Alexandria 
that focused on giving back to the community as well as stocking up for Christmas. Guests 
were encouraged to bring donations, to benefit Lutheran Social Services, The Fisher House 
and United Community Ministries. After dropping their goodies at the door they spent the 
rest of the night dining and shopping amongst the many vendors set up with their wares 
(myself included). What a great way to do Christmas!

Dave attended with me to help with the event and we had a great time milling with 
the many people who showed up! Thanks Mary Ann for a great event!


Smitten with Mittens

Hello Colder Weather. Bye Bye Five Fingered Gloves, 
Welcome Adorable Mittens. 
I was over browsing the great stuff at Poppy Talk this 
morning and I could not help but notice all the hand made 
adorable mittens. Like these from Things By Slo and 

So bring it on Winter. 


Custom Illustrated Portraits

Tis the Season. 
Meant for a Moment Custom illustrated Portraits make great 
additions to holiday greetings and gifts.

Email for Details. 

Calligraphy for beginners

WOW! I just found the best website. Its Called Project Wedding. 
It is Filled with DIY Wedding ideas and Online wedding sources. 

Have you ever considered Calligraphing your own wedding 
invitations? Its a little scary. But here are some helpful tips: 

• Only put pressure on the pen when you are pulling it in a downward 
motion, the rest of the strokes should be thin hairlines (that way 
the nib won't catch on the paper).

• Practice with the ink beforehand on the kind of envelope you will be 
using to make sure the ink sets (some envelopes are coated and 
repel the ink).

• It takes some time to get used to the nib, so spend some time practicing 
before you begin.

• Lighter inks and metallic inks show up best on dark envelopes.

• If the ink is left out on the pen for more than a minute or two when it isn't 
in use, you'll need to wash it with water and dry it completely.

• It is good to have a moist paper towel nearby to wipe the nib down


Hot Chocolate Bar

For anyone having a Wedding this Fall or Winter here is a 
brilliant addition. A hot chocolate bar {!} Around 8 o-clock,  
the coffee bar sets up at a wedding and it is all too often Decafe.
 {Me being the caffeine junkie is always looking for high test and 
it seems the majority vote is 'Decafe after dinner'...Bummer. 
Buuut... If I was faced with the option of decaffeinated coffee or 
a super cool hot chocolate bar {easy} the Hot Chocolate bar 
gets my pick. And look how adorable marshmallows are 
at a wedding. 

 Skip the Coffee. Say yes to Hot Cocoa. 
Love this idea.  


Braille Necklaces

Braille Necklaces. Cool!
 Do you know someone who fidgets with their jewelry?  Aww, 
what a perfect little reminder to wear around their neck. 

You can find them here.


Hand-painted Typography Gift Special

I am pretty excited about Meant for a Moment's new prints. {and cards}
Mainly because they are so much fun to create. You can find them to 
purchase at my Etsy store

 I am offering a CUSTOM Hand Painted Typography SPECIAL... 
{Yay!} From now until January 1, 2011 I am offering original custom 
paintings of any hand-painted quote ( anything you would like, up to 
15 words) for $55. 

Email me for details.

Super Cool Computer Bag

Isn't this computer bag beautiful?
You can find it here.


Something Blue.

Something Blue. 
I love these
Wouldn't they look amazing with a white wedding dress?

Did you have something blue on you for your wedding?


Decorating with Intention

I was just popping over to visit some of my favorite bloggers 
and I found something on Marta Writes {spend some time over 
there, she writes a great blog} that I found myself scribbling 
down on post its all over my desk. I really wanted to share it 
and though I hate to re-post like this... it must be done. Marta, 
thank you for the inspiration, GREAT find and good thoughts!


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