Feeling Preppy?

I found this adorable photograph of this woman
and I absolutely adore her outfit. 
I love her layers, her red lipstick, pale pink shoes
her big shiny pearls and her amazing sunglasses.
(And coming from someone with 'cankles' I even admire her skinny ankles)
It makes me want to go into my closet and layer all of my favorite button ups.. 
{xox} I've been inspired for my day.

Than I found this photograph at I feel Preppy and I thought
"Surely this Man is searching for that Woman"
Wouldn't they make a great pair?


A question for everyone...

I have a QUESTION. 

Have you ever been really mistreated in business?

I just had my designs stolen from me. Yes. Stolen, admittedly so, and proudly used.
How would you deal with that?

What a sassy package

Oh come on. I would buy this even if I didn't need soap. 
This is brilliant marketing. I adore the line underneath that reads 
"Help is on the way" it makes me feel like the little soaps 
are mini super heros. I love them. 


A Garden Themed Wedding...

This season I had the honor of working with Mike 
and Sal, to create their wedding invitations. They 
are getting married by the water and having a 
garden themed wedding, so asked for a 'wildflower look'.

Here is our final result. 
I created custom watercolors for each piece 
{including map!} and bundled it all together 
with a custom designed wrap around. What do you think. 
Congratulations Mike and Sal {xox}

Well, back to reality.

Well, I am back from my super sunny relaxing 
weekend by  the dock of the bay {xox} My 
older sister and her husband flew in and the entire
 family was together, for a rare treat. Their dog, 
Ollie and Cricket became best friends fast and I am
 dreaming of sipping my coffee there this morning.

But, Dave and I hit the road before the sun this 
morning and here I am back at my desk. I find 
that although the transition from vacation to work
 is always very difficult, I am looking forward to today.
My hands miss the flow of the lead on the paper
 and my brain is aching for some creativity.

So here we go. And first up... a post about these awesome 
scarves by French Felt. I like to wrap myself in scarves
in the evenings during the summer, because around here 
sometimes the bugs can be a nuisance
these would be absolutely perfect, don't you think? 


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