I love this work by conrad roset...
Its so romantic and playful...
I love the line and color and the wishy washy feel of the paint placement
I feel like this character if five years old and she doesn't know it yet but she is just flirting her way off the page...

{I love it!}
Well folks it has been a really quite morning here for me, I have been glued to my laptop writing my book. Did you all know I am writing a book? Well, with 3 books illustrated for others and one book published as a personal project, I am so syked to have time to work on my own NOVEL ... 
today I am in my pj's, drinking tea... writing writing writing writing writing writing... 
about a magic world and a boy named Sam! I have cleared my schedule and I think I may write all day... 

This book will be a novel for young adults, and it will also have illustrations, because after all, I am an illustrator at heart. So pardon the dead's all in the name of "Sam's Story"


I found these killer photos from Vogue that were shot in the 1960's and
 just had to share them. I love how "proper" they are. And the women look so tidy. 
I would LOVE a chance to jump into that beaded dress at the bottom!
for more visit myvintagevogue


In case anyone is hosting any last minute summer parties 
here is a great product by charlesandmarie there are 17 bottle openers on the side of 
this ice bucket... looks like you can have your cake and eat it too!

This is a million dollar idea that I wish I thought of...
a six pack holder... genius!

I have seen these cute little puzzle boards all over and I really dig the idea 
of having one for each of your guests as they mill around the party 
and eat and drink with friends, how very cute!
puzzle board and six pack holder from oooms


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