The struggle

Brilliant, Profound, True and Sad... 
I love this struggle.
May you have the privilege of owning yourself. 

Just my type

For all of you designers out there who laughed at this, I like you. 


Raccoons, who knew they were so cute?

 Photographer, Sharon Montrose makes me very happy... I hope she does the same for you...

Carl Warner Photography


{ Take a closer look... }

These photographs by artist Carl Warner are actually made of FOOD. Foreground, middle ground and background = food food food. How delicious it would be "if all the rain drops were lemon drops and gumdrops" I love the squash hot air balloons! What an exceptionally clever way to "play with your food"

Happy Anniversary to them!

I had the privilege of creating a drawing to help one of my closest friend's celebrate her anniversary with her beloved. There is no better compliment that having someone you care about ask for your help to celebrate something like that.

Cheers to many more Anniversaries Alicia and Ben!

Glass Baubles = {xox}

Note to self: These Hanging Glass Baubles are a must for your future extravagant party.
There really is something wonderful about floating glass. {xox}


New Logo

New Logo design by Meant for a Moment. If you are a busy mom who needs some down time, visit this informative site about finding time to travel with your kids. 


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