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Camomile tea and the Sniffles

Well Folks... Its been a sniffly few days over here in my Studio and I have been 
longing for some "Sunshine Tea." Sunshine Tea is an amazing combination of Camomile 
Tea, Honey, Lemons and Vanilla Syrup. It is so smooth and soothing I am melting 
just thinking about it. 

P.S. Did you know that Camomile was so good for you? {bonus}  


Illustration Inspiration: Olivier Dunrea

Its Wednesday again and I am back with a New Featured Illustrator for 
Illustration Inspiration, Olivier Dunrea. 

I was drawn to his style because it is whimsical and playful, but it also has a 
rustic touch to it. After peering at his Studio I see where he gets his rustic inspiration 
from. Moel Eyris Studio at Henwoodie is where he creates his work and it is a 
beautifully set against the back drop of the Catskills Mountains in NY (wowsers). His 
works include, Old Bear and His Cub, Gossie and Friends (lots of Gossie books) 
A Tree for Pyn, and many more. 

I really love the way Olivier uses his watercolors to soften the look of his illustrations. 
Each illustration looks like a cozy world I could just jump right into. And he is very 
good at illustrating animals as if they had human emotions and thoughts. 
Which is oh so hard to do!


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The Hair Bow

Well Ladies, if you are looking for an amazing new up-do to make everyone swoon, 
let me introduce you to The Hair Bow. If you are wondering 'how in the heck does 
she does that?' Head on over to Ducks in a Row; she has set up a wonderful step by
step DIY showing you how to create this adorable look for yourself. 

Ill be busy growing my hair long, if you need me for anything. 


Important notes for Monday

Just because its Monday.

photo credit: Lucy Snowe

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Another March Birthday to Celebrate {x o x} My Dad, one of my favorite
 people in the whole wide world celebrates his birthday today. There are a
 lot of reasons my dad tops my list of favorite people, to list just a few:

• He reads books like, War and Peace and Frankenstein for FUN.

• He was a total hunter and outdoorsmen than, he had three girls. He totally
embraced it. Sympathetically leaving the deer bodies in his past, he took us on 
tons of hikes, put snakes in his pockets for us to discover and taught us how 
to fish and crab the Chesapeake Bay. Thanks Dad.

• He claims his blood pressure lowers as he crosses the bridge and nears the 
bay. I believe him. 

• I don't think he LOVEs his job. But I never hear him complain about 
work. Thats a big deal.  

• He is awesome and everyone wants to be his friend. True Story :)

Happy Birthday Dad. I LOVE you!


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