Illustration Inspiration: Olivier Dunrea

Its Wednesday again and I am back with a New Featured Illustrator for 
Illustration Inspiration, Olivier Dunrea. 

I was drawn to his style because it is whimsical and playful, but it also has a 
rustic touch to it. After peering at his Studio I see where he gets his rustic inspiration 
from. Moel Eyris Studio at Henwoodie is where he creates his work and it is a 
beautifully set against the back drop of the Catskills Mountains in NY (wowsers). His 
works include, Old Bear and His Cub, Gossie and Friends (lots of Gossie books) 
A Tree for Pyn, and many more. 

I really love the way Olivier uses his watercolors to soften the look of his illustrations. 
Each illustration looks like a cozy world I could just jump right into. And he is very 
good at illustrating animals as if they had human emotions and thoughts. 
Which is oh so hard to do!

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