Bring it Back...

{ Anthony Burrill }

Paper Cutting Art...

Hina Aoyama, a Japanese artist living in France, amazes me with her beautiful, intricate paper cut art work... imagine your favorite quote in a shadow box... wow...! Found her posted on Uppercase


Its better than Chocolate...

Now that I have your attention... Check out these fabulous finds! { Hot Chocolate } on a STICK! I am absolutely positive there is nothing better... And I really love the presentation, with the little tags they look like a glorified Hershey kiss! 
{ To learn how to make these delicious looking treats visit Givers log }

Guide Your Style

I just had the privilege of working with the talented stylist from Guide Your Style to get some illustrations to post on her website... If you are looking for some fabulous fashion advice, or just some tips to save some money while looking great, I recommend getting in touch with Lisa!


When you leave the house today...

Don't forget your smile... 

Wall paper... my hero

Lets talk about how fabulous the wall paper is here... not to mention the random little flowers that appear in hex tiles. For the simple appliances, I believe the execution is to be admired! Way to amp it up with some fantastic wall paper... Again... I have been made a believer that wallpaper = awesome

May the luck of the Irish be with you...

Looking for a low cost fabulous gift idea?

Try {...}
 This ring from Lizhutnick's Shop on Etsy

This adorable owl print from Lucky Blue Bird Art

This big fat heart necklace from Minus One

Oh Yes! There is always, Meant for a Moment prints! { wink }


Check out the cake topper...

{ Look {!} Meant for a Moment made it onto a three tiered cake topper! }

Book Illustrations... {!}

Just a sneak peek into my book project... I am moving into color and trying to make it VERY colorful! This is a double page spread... 

Summer... my sweet. Come back to me...

You know when you see a picture and you can remember the temperature, smells, sounds and feeling? Thats what this picture does to me. I think of a warm day with a breeze, the smell of fresh air and water mixing together and the sound of... nothing...
Dreaming of a summer tan on the dock of the bay... 
You are only a few months away summer, I beg you to some sooner than later!

The following is a true story...

{ True Story }

When we were young my dad made up a lot of tales. At one point in my life I thought it was to keep us entertained... The older I get, the more I realize {it was really} to keep himself entertained. He was lucky enough to have an audience of three young, gullible daughters soaking in his stories like a sponge. 

One afternoon he told us the story of "Falling Rock", the indian boy who went on a vision quest and never came back. His tribe was heartbroken and still looks for him today, and have posted signs that say "Watch for falling Rock"... hoping someone will guide him home.

My sisters and I were old enough at this point to know this was a just a story... or so I thought. 

Years later, my younger sister, about 9 at the time, passes a falling rock sign and says {serious as can be} "Man, When are they ever going to find falling rock!"

you asked my view... { here you go }

{ Henry Ward Beecher }

keep your soul

Stuart Hodgson has got he right idea. First said by Bob Marley...


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