The following is a true story...

{ True Story }

When we were young my dad made up a lot of tales. At one point in my life I thought it was to keep us entertained... The older I get, the more I realize {it was really} to keep himself entertained. He was lucky enough to have an audience of three young, gullible daughters soaking in his stories like a sponge. 

One afternoon he told us the story of "Falling Rock", the indian boy who went on a vision quest and never came back. His tribe was heartbroken and still looks for him today, and have posted signs that say "Watch for falling Rock"... hoping someone will guide him home.

My sisters and I were old enough at this point to know this was a just a story... or so I thought. 

Years later, my younger sister, about 9 at the time, passes a falling rock sign and says {serious as can be} "Man, When are they ever going to find falling rock!"

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