I am still not 100% pleased with the outcome of this one. 
I may be revisiting this later, but since I am just barely making the Friday deadline, 
I thought I would finish this up!
This one was inspired by the "Meteor Shower" that was to occur on Friday evening. 
After a valiant skyward search - I only say about 5 meteors. 
Still more than a normal night but not what I was hoping for. 

Illustration Friday Submission: Topic - SURVIVAL


This Week's Illustration Friday Topic was TWISTED

I struggled a bit with this concept. 
Thanks to some creative input from friends, 
I am happy where I finally ended up. 

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Catching Up on Illustration Friday Submissions. 
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Illustration Friday Topic: Beginning

Looks like I missed posting last week's submission: Better late than never! 
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Illustration Friday Topic: Disguise

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