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Pencil and Camera

Ben Heine

Pinterest... a must

You have got to get your hands on this!
Oh have I discovered something you have got to try. It felt like discovering swedish fish for the very first time. Deliciously inspiring and so sugary sweet! I am so excited to share it with you if you haven't already stumbled upon it. It is called 

Follow the link. Check out what I did and Make your own. 
Here you can:
 Collect things that inspire you from the web with the click of your mouse. You can organize them in folders, share them with people, and view and comment on other's inspirations. 
For an inspiration addict like myself, I cant get enough! Go a head and try it on out, its free and painless... {xoxo} better then swedish fish.

Trusty, you cutey you.

Its a world of make believe here and its all coming together before my very eyes... Story, character, triumph over bad weather and hay bails ( you'll see )... This is my favorite part of the illustration process, spirits are highest now because with ever dash of color I add more life pops out of the page. And the closer I get to a finished copy to hold in my hands. 

May I introduce,  Page #1 drum roooolll


Chasing fire flies in my dreams tonight

In Lou of the rain outside my window this morning, I thought I would leave you all with something a bit more reminiscent of summer... I remember catching fire flies and thinking they would survive in a jar like my hamster did in her cage... wouldn't it have been lovely to have a jar full of "lightning bugs" as your night light!? Oh summer, come back to us. 

Noma Bar = wow

I see brilliance here... these beautiful negative space illustrations by Noma Bar make me want to do more problem solving in my day to day drawings, how clever. Little red riding hood is my fav... so innocent sitting there at the tip of that evil wolf's snout, yikes. 

something brilliant

Grids are limiting
To say a grid is limiting is to say that language is limiting, or typography is limiting. 

It is up to us to use these media critically or passively. 

— Ellen Lupton


You know I do...

just a little love note for hump day

Bottle design to save the world

I stumbled across this brilliant %100 eco-friendly bottle design by Andrew Seunghyun Kim.  Surely something Coca Cola should consider. Take a moment to check out how much space it would save in a land full and how much less material it would use... who knew designers could save the world? 

Go Ahead. Be a Square.


Spring Accessories

Looking for some new SPRING accessories? Try these cute looks from etsy { xox } Love these. 

Trusty is alive!

And finally we are moving into the digital world! I have been inking the drawings for Trusty's book for weeks and last night everything was finalized enough that I could scan and start putting color into this poor little colorless world! Stay Tuned for updates, I am excited about how this one will turn out!


You are...really...I mean it

{ I hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day }
Thanks Mom... for being my Beautiful Mom... You do a wonderful job....

And its clean... exhale

Feels good to finally be organized again. You know when things get busy and everything starts to go every where...? One thing gets out put of place and than another... and than things carry on like that for too long and you begin to dislike work because your studio space it is one big jumbled mess!? Well that was the story of my life last week... But Never More! Fear Not! Spring Cleaning has reared its beautiful head and I am feeling pretty good about the possibilities!

Something true...


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