Chasing fire flies in my dreams tonight

In Lou of the rain outside my window this morning, I thought I would leave you all with something a bit more reminiscent of summer... I remember catching fire flies and thinking they would survive in a jar like my hamster did in her cage... wouldn't it have been lovely to have a jar full of "lightning bugs" as your night light!? Oh summer, come back to us. 


JesusSavez said...

I just have to say that I am *SO JEALOUS* of how good you have become at blogging. I'd like to say the student became the master - but I didn't even teach you any of this stuff! You had the desire and drive to learn how to create and manage a blog site on your own and I couldn't be more proud of the work you've done here. Bravo Tara Jean! <3 your old web consultant, Zac

Meant for a Moment Designs said...

Zac, You are awesome! The best web master I've ever had! Thanks for stopping in! Miss you more than a lot. we MUST catch up soon! xox


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