Maddie the Agile Coon Hound...

This is Maddie the Coon Hound. I stumbled upon this awesome site this morning 
entitled, "Maddie on Things" and it made my day. How adorable is this hound and 
her adventuresome little spirit. You should check out the site, because Maddie gets 
on some pretty crazy things... Jungle Gyms, Fence Posts, Mail boxes, all with the 
stunning grace of a coon hound. Just had to share... hope it makes you smile. 


Drown. A Poem.

I found this on Pinterest this morning and I loved it. I just had to share it. 
It paints such a beautiful/tragic picture of the sea... 

I just started reading my first Hemingway. I wanted something with a little romance 
so my dad recommended 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' I am at the very beginning 
and am excited to get into the meat of it, because I know he to is a painter of words. 

DO you have a favorite Author?


Salted Caramel Lava Cake

Oh can you just Imagine making this HOME MADE and presenting this at your table. 
The biggest reward would be diving in and eating it up once its ready. Heres what you would need:
For really useful tips on how to complete this recipe without messing it up
head on over to vegetarian nirvana {xox} 


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