Wedding Stationary with a TWIST

After going through the special process of asking my best friends to be my Bridesmaids 
and Maids of Honor I thought that perhaps some folks might think it was fun to announce 
their decision through a surprise note in the mail. So, I created this stationary set. Wouldn't 
it be cute to play coy for a while and let a surprise letter pop up in their mail box that asks 
them to stand beside you on the most special day of your life? And there is room on the 
back to gush about how wonderful you think they are. 

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Illustration Inspiration: Christa Palazzolo

This week's illustration inspiration comes from Painter, Christa Palazzolo. I ran across 
her Anne Sullivan, painting on Pintrest and adored the color use. I really enjoy seeing a 
painting that focuses on detail in one area and than loosens up everywhere else. 
Christa Palazzolo is a perfect example. Her portraits are incredible, the detail and
dimension are spectacular. And than around the portrait is gets real fun. The splashes 
of neon are very 'in' right now and my eyes are loving it! Fantastic way to 
stylize a portrait. 


The count-down begins

Twelve more days until I marry my best friend! It is consuming my thoughts. I can't stop 
thinking about it.  How will it feel? What will the kiss be like? Will Dave be nervous? 
What will our dance be like? Will I be nervous? Will I cry happy tears all night? What 
will the weather be like? Will people have fun? Like I said, consuming my thoughts... 


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