People Freaking out in a Haunted House: Hysterical

I know this is so random but I can't stop laughing at this. I stumbled upon it looking for 
references, and it gave me a good laugh. Its people freaking out in a Haunted House.
 Look at that guy running away from his wife as she pulls him back, true colors right. 
Haha. I like that top picture of the guy protecting all three girls, way to go Dude!

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To Love a new Life

My sister is having a baby. Have I told you that? Its pretty wild, it will be the first 
baby of our immediate family and my brain and heart are gushing with the idea of a new 
person to love. When I realized she was bringing another person into our family, it hit 
me in a strange way. If you don't know me by now, you should know that I worry a lot, 
especially about the people I love. 

Well, I was driving alone listening to a terribly sad song. Thats when I realized, as I was 
hoping that my new little nephew, would never have to feel the sad ache that that slow 
song sang of, that I loved him already. Because I was already worrying about him. 
Its a strange thing, to worry so much, but it all comes from this giant place in my heart
 where I hold all of my favorite people. Love manifests in funny ways sometimes doesn't it? 

Paige is due this weekend {!}. Her ankles are swollen and uncomfortable and she is 
anxious to meet her new son. Its mere days before I will be an Aunt and my parents will be Grandparents for the first time. The family has halted in wait of this new little baby boy.
 I wonder when his birthday will be!?

 1st image via {great maternity shoot} 2nd image via


Dan Kendrick's Baltimore Book Launch: TONIGHT

Hi friends, I am really excited to announce the Baltimore launch of Dan Kendrick's new 
book, Sex Sells but I'm Ugly, a real time guide to sales, marketing and life.
 I know this event will be a great time, and I wanted to let all my local Baltimore readers
 know to come join the fun! Its a Chic, Black, White and Red party {!} 
And everyone who attends gets a copy of the book!


Illustration Inspiration: Priscilla Burris

Cute Right? Priscilla Burris is our feature in this week's Illustration Inspiration. 
She creates characters that are so adorable and spunky I could pluck them off the 
page and take them to the zoo. I really appreciate the shape of the heads. {Thats 
strange I know} But it definitely contributes to the adorableness of the character. 
She uses a sketchy, low detail, style but adds perfect touches to melt your heart 
or get you laughing. That last drawing at the bottom looks just like my little sister 
Kelsey when she was little. {so cute}

For more from Priscilla Burris visit her site: Priscilla Burris


Superman Character Bought for $130

"On March 1,1938, DC Comics gave two young men from Cleveland, Joe Shuster and 
Jerry Siegel, $130 for the rights to a comic character named Superman. That $130 check 
essentially created a billion dollar industry and set in motion nearly 70 years of legal battles 
that continue to this day. Without this check being written out by DC Comics, there would be 
no Superman, and thereby no Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, X-Men, and all the 
characters that came into existence after the concept of "the superhero" was born with 
Superman" This is a lesson for artists to consider maintaining legal rights to their artwork. 

This check is now being auctioned for $38,053.
 I wonder what Joe and Jerry think of the value of the Check now. 

images via illustration art


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