To Love a new Life

My sister is having a baby. Have I told you that? Its pretty wild, it will be the first 
baby of our immediate family and my brain and heart are gushing with the idea of a new 
person to love. When I realized she was bringing another person into our family, it hit 
me in a strange way. If you don't know me by now, you should know that I worry a lot, 
especially about the people I love. 

Well, I was driving alone listening to a terribly sad song. Thats when I realized, as I was 
hoping that my new little nephew, would never have to feel the sad ache that that slow 
song sang of, that I loved him already. Because I was already worrying about him. 
Its a strange thing, to worry so much, but it all comes from this giant place in my heart
 where I hold all of my favorite people. Love manifests in funny ways sometimes doesn't it? 

Paige is due this weekend {!}. Her ankles are swollen and uncomfortable and she is 
anxious to meet her new son. Its mere days before I will be an Aunt and my parents will be Grandparents for the first time. The family has halted in wait of this new little baby boy.
 I wonder when his birthday will be!?

 1st image via {great maternity shoot} 2nd image via

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