Friday day dream

Happy Friday Lovlies...
Here's hoping it is cream filled and genuine. 

I have a lot of work ahead of me for the weekend but I may be able to squeeze some time in for a day dream about this strange apparatus above... humm a sail bike... I think I'm in L-O-V-E


Pantone Plus Launch Party

Last Night Ken Rochon and I attended a Pantone Plus Launch in DC...
More Pictures to Follow. 
I met some really fabulous, colorful people... spoke with a sales rep for pantone and learned more about pantone {is that possible...yes} (did you know they work with gucci to design their fabrics colors?) Didn't win a the raffle to the pantone hotel in belgium (Allan I told you "Yellow U") And eventually made it back to Baltimore in one piece. 
Thanks Pantone for a great night! 
More pictures to come!

Aren't snails cute? (?)

Somefield did use some creepier looking bugs for in some illustrations... for some obvious reason I am very drawn to these adoring prints with the oversized harmless creatures involved...
My favorite part = that solid piece of color in the back ground. VG


New Children's book, Illustrated by me, going to print this Summer!

Coming Soon to book shelves near you!
Stay tuned for details!

Darling, I love you

Isn't he Darling?
Gotta love those pink cheeks...

The BLOB... the name says it all

A saucy belgian architectural firm dmvA designed this 'blob VB3'. Doesn't the name say it all?

It seems to be an over sized eggs that consists of lights, a bed, storage and even a bathroom. Its got everything you need to consider it a super cool bachelor pad or office space... or ever a richy rich club house for the extra lucky wee one... I am thinking guest room? 
I like that it is in a corn gives it the extra terrestrial feel...
twilight zone...doo doo doo do
Look the Nose even Opens up for some evening air, its like a porch...


This is just how it is...

 I refuse to settle for something less than great. And if it takes a lifetime, then that’s how long 
I’ll wait. " 
Dolly Parton

and I shall wait as long as it takes...

Lessons From a Tree

Shel Silverstein and his Giving Tree has taught us so much...
Don't forget how the story ends ladies...
Love Yourself, be complete. It is the most important lesson we can learn.
Have faith in yourself and your capabilities once you can do that, finding love will be that much sweeter...
this I know

An amazing life through a view finder

Hey Readers, I came across something really cool yesterday that pulled on my heart strings {mega}. I had to share... This Man:
started a blog called "Photo of the day" in March 31, 1979 and took a polaroid a day through October 25, 1997. The evidence below:
His name is Jamie Livingston... the viewer follows him through his life, catching a glimpse through the view finder once a day everyday for almost 20 years... than our photographer gets sick, it is clear that it is cancer:
On October 5, 1997 we see this:
and two days later:
he is married...
but just a few weeks later Jamie passes away...
His photos were saved and were made into a photographic exhibit... it seems heroic almost to be able to photograph such a vulnerable time of your life and remain committed to such a project in such a hard time... check out the site, you will fall in love with the endearing photographs, of the people you don't know {at first} but trust me... you get to know someone through their view finder...


To small to fail...

This print might be hanging on my wall in a day or two... 
Any one know Im only about 5 feet tall... I also occasionally scoot around on a cute red bike...
I think I found my new anthem.

New Prints at Meant for a Moment today!

If you dig, Buy Print Here

Paint me in your Sunrise

I found these simple images on, 2 or 3 things...aren't they pretty? 
They have reignited my love affair with color. Isn't it interesting how much difference color makes in a composition? Just take a second and think about the top image... its cold and lonely, serene and quiet and kind of flat but beautiful. While the same image with different color use can be (looking at the second image) Calming, open, inviting, relaxing, and deep... 
Oh color... in a world without you we would all be cold and flat.

"I believe in your Dreams"


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