An amazing life through a view finder

Hey Readers, I came across something really cool yesterday that pulled on my heart strings {mega}. I had to share... This Man:
started a blog called "Photo of the day" in March 31, 1979 and took a polaroid a day through October 25, 1997. The evidence below:
His name is Jamie Livingston... the viewer follows him through his life, catching a glimpse through the view finder once a day everyday for almost 20 years... than our photographer gets sick, it is clear that it is cancer:
On October 5, 1997 we see this:
and two days later:
he is married...
but just a few weeks later Jamie passes away...
His photos were saved and were made into a photographic exhibit... it seems heroic almost to be able to photograph such a vulnerable time of your life and remain committed to such a project in such a hard time... check out the site, you will fall in love with the endearing photographs, of the people you don't know {at first} but trust me... you get to know someone through their view finder...

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