Typography Friday: Dream on

For today's Typography Friday feature I am featuring one of my own. I have done 
a lot of dreaming over the years (some people get it, some people don't) so this quote 
means a lot to me. I am lucky to have a fiance (22 more days until he is my husband! 
Wowsers!) who supports the unyielding pursuit of my dreams. Never stop dreaming. can buy this print here



This week's Illustration Inspiration features Annette Feinieg's lovable watercolors. 
Her work reminds me of my grandmother's cartooning. {xox} There is so much 
expression using so little detail. And I really appreciate the use of lighting on the 
elephant. See how she left the top outline white - perfect. 


Jesse Kuhn, Adds a Smile to Your Tuesday.

Well have you giggled at these clever illustrations yet? Did you notice the anchor 
on the bottom illustration titled "Heavy"? Or the effortlessly floating bobber? {Funny!}
Jesse Kuhn's illustrations caught my eye for a million reasons, but top on the list is 
they are clever. His beautifully stylized work lends to his twisted but not so dark humor. 

Just thought I would share the good artwork... 

Jesse Kuhn is the designer and illustrator for Raw Toast Design and according
 to his bio, tries to dream on a regular basis. {xox}


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