New Years Resolutions... Mine and Yours...?

Do you make New Years Resolutions? 
Usually I shy away from resolutions, for no other reason than I think they are kind of 
cheesy. But this year I am... I wanted to set some attainable personal goals. {Although 
some are kind of silly} I did want to give myself something to look back on a year from
 now to see how I did. 

I think setting personal goals unrelated to my career are important for me so I remember
 to slow down and enjoy all of the wonderful things that come with being a 20-something 
woman just starting out. I am often too focused on my future to appreciate the day before 
me. Do you find that time is just flying by? 

If you made a resolution list would it be career oriented or more personal oriented? 
Its kind of an interesting thing to think about. It might be nice to consider slowing 
down and making some resolutions for your personal self in 2012 to make sure the 
year doesn't go by before you have time to enjoy it.  

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