Calligraphy for beginners

WOW! I just found the best website. Its Called Project Wedding. 
It is Filled with DIY Wedding ideas and Online wedding sources. 

Have you ever considered Calligraphing your own wedding 
invitations? Its a little scary. But here are some helpful tips: 

• Only put pressure on the pen when you are pulling it in a downward 
motion, the rest of the strokes should be thin hairlines (that way 
the nib won't catch on the paper).

• Practice with the ink beforehand on the kind of envelope you will be 
using to make sure the ink sets (some envelopes are coated and 
repel the ink).

• It takes some time to get used to the nib, so spend some time practicing 
before you begin.

• Lighter inks and metallic inks show up best on dark envelopes.

• If the ink is left out on the pen for more than a minute or two when it isn't 
in use, you'll need to wash it with water and dry it completely.

• It is good to have a moist paper towel nearby to wipe the nib down

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