White walls... keep 'em? Cover 'em?

Please see below for evidence. 
via Bri Emry's Pinterest post about swank lofts. 

Even though I am often drawn it the airy open-ness of it, I have trouble keeping a white wall, white.

I tend to smatter every bit of art and self expression that I have up on my walls. So naturally I really like these frame collages. I do think there is a certain art to a frame collage. 
*Find a focal point. * Use Delicate Fames. 
* Use Simple piece of artwork that won't compete with each other. etc. 

I may not be the expert. But I am really digging this vintage collection...
mixed with all sorts of old and new photos. It looks kind of glamorous doesn't it?

I grew up in a house where there was art work on the walls and family photos on the tabletops.
So I am not sure if I will ever venture into the world of a photo-collaged wall, but I think if I spent some time with it, it could be really awesome. 

I actually remember seeing a few blog posts, about a year ago, of someone who blew up (poster size on canvas) a really bright candid photo and hung it over their sofa. 
And I thought I could surely get into that, I just didn't have the right photo for it yet... 
But I suppose its something to work on. 

How do you feel about white walls? Keep 'em or cover 'em?

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