Since we are in the process of writing our vows, I have been thinking about LOVE a 
lot lately. Its a funny thing isn't it? Finding one person that you want to spend the rest of 
your life with. Knowing that you will love them for as long as you live. And believing in 
them, {all the way to your soul} that their promise of love is worth giving your life to. 
Sometimes when Dave and I are on the couch with Cricket curled up in our lap, it feels 
like we are swimming in love. Some say love is like floating, but I'd say swimming. 
Because love is heavy and weightless at the same time. Just like swimming in water. 
Marriage is a big deal, if it doesn't have any weight to it its not time to marry. I feel 
no pressure or stress, but its a big deal when I look at Dave and I realize that he loves 
me enough to commit a lifetime to me. 

That feeling, when you realize we are both making the same plans is a strong and powerful 
emotion, and its nothing to be taken lightly. 

Like being surrounded by water, swimming forward and being able to breath. 
Yes, to me, Love is like swimming... And I feel so blessed. So blessed.

photo credit Braedon Photography

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