A Candy Bar, Sugar Cookies and some Crazy Straws

Oh Man, are we lucky{!} This weekend our beautiful friends threw us an Engagement 
party! I had to take some photos of the amazing effort they put into making it absolutely 
wonderful. Look at those cookies (I mean, how awesome is that!?) I was secretly 
racing Dave, watching to see whose name would be eaten first... Dave won. At the end 
of the night he only had 'D's' left, while I was still holding strong with a bunch of 
'A's' and 'R's'. 

And check out that candy bar... oh my my my! All three of my favorite vices (these 
folks are too good to us!).  The food was amazing, I even went back for seconds around 
11pm (yikes). Myfitnesspal was not happy about that decision. Oh and the house was 
right on the water (Dave was ready to move in). We spent the night next to a pool that 
was glowing blue all through the evening. It was such a wonderful night. We are so 
blessed to have such kind people around us. 

* Thank You; Anne & Thom and Jenny & Chris! Words can not express!

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