Summer Reading. How to Be Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)

Recently, I have seen a trending theme among my social media friends. Everyone 
is asking "What book should I read this summer?" Their only requirement, 
that it be an easy, poolside read. Well my friends, look no further. I picked up 
'How to be Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)' for my trip to the midwest. 
I thought it would be great to get me through the flight and layovers. 
It was perfect. 

Jessica Hagy's qwirky sense of humor compliments her genius wit (wish I was 
that clever) in tons of doodles that highlight the ten steps to becoming interesting. 
Some of her graphs and charts are so clever it hurts your teeth. I kept thinking; 
'Yeah, thats such a good point.' and 'Geeze, there is no way that drawing could 
make any more sense.' Her fun loving attitude is engaging and you will 
most likely find that, although you can put this book down and pick it up 
later, you will not want to. 

Here are Jessica Hagy's 10 steps to becoming interesting. {Just for a taste}:

Step 1: Go Exploring: Talk to stangers; Roll the dice.
Step 2: Share What You Discover: Offer to help; Expand the group.
Step 3: Do Something. Anything: Go outside; Sign up.
Step 4: Embrace Your Weirdness: Get sidetracked; Capitalize on your quirks.
Step: 5 Have a Cause: Do the best good; Be the hero.
Step 6: Minimize the Swagger: Drop the titles; Admit goofs.
Step 7: Give It a Shot: Overstep your bounds; Tackle the hard stuff.
Step 8: Hop Off the Bandwagon: Question ubiquity; Crawl into niches.
Step 9: Grow a Pair: Lead the Mutiny; Make a mess.
Step 10: Ignore the Scolds: Jettison toxic cargo; Learn from all examples.

{My favorites: 'Get Sidetracked' and 'Do the best good'}

Now go buy the book, because you are missing all of her awesome doodles
 by only reading the words. 
How to be Interesting is available in most book store chains, but I say: Buy it here.

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