Fresh New Chevron Barstool - DIY

This past weekend I put my DIY hat on and revived these old bar stools. The pictures 
are pretty self explanatory but let me run through the steps.

1. Sand the Stool to rough the surface and give the paint something to adhere to.

2. I painted the entire chair. I opted for a satin finish, light gray. 

3. After the stool had dried, I taped out the design. This was done using a measured 
piece of paper, to ensure precise distance between each piece. And painters tape. 
I used the width of the painters tape as the width of the chevron design, it made 
things easy. 

4. *** Important Tip*** After the tape had been placed, I painted the SAME light gray 
over top of it before I painted the white. This sealed the edges of the tape so any over 
run would be gray not white. This made the lines so crisp. 

5. And finally I painted the white over the design. And once it was dry I pulled the 
tape off and Wallah! Another ***Important Tip*** is to pull the tape at a 
sharp angle backwards. This will ensure you paint will not pull off. 

We are so happy with our new little nook!

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