Spring is here...

There is something magical in the air this time of year. I see it in the faces of strangers as I greet them for a hello and in the familiar lines of the smiles I see every day. Its Spring now, and I wake up with the birds chirping outside my window, what a way to start the day. Winter was always quiet, even the snowfall makes no noise, but Spring arrives with so many sensory pleasures. It sweeps in and reminds your body of all the lovely things it had been missing. {Sunshine, birds, flowers, color, warmth, cut grass, fresh air, the ability to linger outside before going in } Spring has that addictive power, like a love that you cant get enough of.  And it is lifting us all into this silly state of bliss... And there is nothing better than a silly state of bliss after a winter that brought us three blizzards. Lets revel in it today, and feel triumphant in our victory over winter because

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Oh thank goodness


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