What is Home to Me

Really seems more of a place in time, at this transitional point in my life.

 I am heading into my late twenties with enthusiasm these days, looking forward to what is to come and working hard to build a foundation for a future I can be proud to call my own. I have moved three times in the past two years, I am practically a gypsy. I love packing and unpacking, redefining my living space and getting reacquainted with new shapes and sizes. 

But there was a time, for 18 years, when I lived in one place with a wonderfully supportive and fun family { lucky me }. To me, that was home... and in my heart, home will always be those eighteen years that built the woman I am now and that I am yet to become...

Home to me is where I came from..its how I got here and its how I will get to where I am going...

My Foundations are what have given me my dreams of the future... 

In the interest of Home and sharing ideas, here are two talented bloggers who can't be missed 

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sfgirlbybay said...

great post, tara!! thanks so much for contributing. :)

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Oh I love these drawings! Your meaning of home sounds so loving :)


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