Buzzwords to make your heart swell

I stopped by Etsy this morning and stumbled across I Mudrov, an oil painter 
from San Francisco. And fell in love with his umbrellas. And than I looked further 
and realized that a recurring theme in his artwork was, bicycles, dogs and umbrellas. 
And if there are any buzzwords right now that would make your heart swell, tell me 
those three would be top on your list. I really enjoy the story that the combination of 
the three create in each composition. For example, look at the bottom painting, aren't 
you totally routing for these to strangers to get tangled up together by their dog's leashes. 
He will get one whiff of her perfume, she will get taken back by his musclely arms (haha)
 and Boom they are in love. {That's what I see ;) }

Stop in and check I Mudrov out. He has many more talents to present beyond what 
I have showcased.

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