Another Noteworthy Day!

March really kicks off a slew of Birthdays... First Dr Seuss, and now my sister, Paige.
(And coming next week my dad {xoxo!}) I totally love her. I am actually sorry you all 
don't know her. She is so much fun and a really wonderful sister. 
Although she bears many skills here are just a few to celebrate today:

• She leaves the most amazing voicemail messages. Sometimes 
its a song, sometimes its an entire story, and sometimes I actually
 think I am decoding a riddle, its fun. 

• she makes ridiculous faces... as seen in above photo

• she knows great recipes... I mean great. Fish tacos, I drool.

• she always has something to talk about and is never upset if you 
need to do all the talking


• she laughs (really loud)

Happy Birthday Paige, I LOVE YOU!

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